God Must Love Stupid People

Please don’t blame me for the quote, as much as I would happily like to take the credit for it.

It’s as offensive as it is true. In fact, the average intelligence seems to be, well, sliding below average. For some inexplicable reason a typical I.Q. seems to now be sporting a decimal point in it.

Go ahead and scoff; perhaps my allusion that our society is evolving into a Clan of Idiocy riles you so far as to ridicule me and question my faculties. In return, I dare you to prove me wrong when you know that there is truth in what I’m saying because you, too, see it every day.

It’s the car in front of you suddenly accelerating and making a left hand turn from the right hand lane – not a stellar example of human intelligence, in my opinion.

Or the cashier at the store who, after several attempts, cannot count your change out to you and in frustration simply dumps the bills and coins into your hand; again, not a candidate for a merit-based scholarship.

My personal favourite are the inattentive pedestrians who seem to have the belief that they sport an invisible force-field that will protect them from being struck by a vehicle. The extra-special version of these people are the ones who are pushing strollers and dangle them off the curb at intersections, oblivious to the fact that the infant occupant of said stroller is actually in the path of oncoming traffic. Smart ones, they are, S-M-R-T, smart!

I am sure that everyone reading this has also seen the no-hands bicyclist texting while peddling, “earbuds” in the ears and tuned out from the traffic frantically trying to avoid colliding with the two-wheeled piece of bumper-bait. It would not take a full sized truck to knock the decimal out of that rider’s I.Q.

The all-time winner of the “Cruising at the Speed of Stupid Award” was the medical office assistant who, after expressing her condolences for the loss of my relative, offered to reschedule the appointment for the recently deceased. Hard to believe that there would be academic credentials associated with that one.

Sadly, idiocy is quickly becoming the norm. Not long ago, witnessing such dangerous levels of stupidity happened but it was rare and I simply went home thankful for not having participated in Darwinism Theory Applied.

Nowadays, I swear I cannot leave the house without wondering if I will be plucking a moronic member of human society from the front grill of my truck. The average housecat demonstrates more intelligence when attempting to cross the street. Stupidity sure makes for easy pickin’s.

All of this begs the question: “what happened?” Have advances in medical science somehow circumvented nature’s ability to thin the herd and we are now experiencing a reverse evolution of sorts? Since when were the intellectually deficient able to multiply so proficiently under some fictional Queenbury Rules of Procreation? Can we blame this on the fast-food industry and sue McDonald’s?

Darwin, I do believe there is a hole in your theory – perhaps the Creationists can offer a plausible explanation.


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